Owner and wine grower

In 2006, Philippe Kessler realised his dream of acquiring vines in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Building on his experience at Château Calissanne, he bought the estate that has since become Domaine Clef de Saint Thomas.
Sophie Kessler Matière and her son Thomas are carrying on the flame, and now run the estate.
Did you know? Once the estate (planted mainly with vines for red wine) had been purchases, rows of white-grape vines were discovered – thus creating a white Clef de Saint Thomas cuvée!

Saint Thomas: of the 12 apostles, only he “believed when he saw”.

A man not fooled by his senses. An alert man, open to reality. Saint Thomas possessed that key, which unlocks the door to the sensuality and riches of living things.

For our vineyard team, what finer metaphor could there be than to accede to this key, which beckons us into the world of beauty and creation!

And for the winemakers of this Châteauneuf-du-Pape estate, what finer symbol could there be than to feel the grapes being coaxed by their hands to express the nobility of this land, which still exudes a magnificent aura bestowed by a century or more of papal residency: the terraces of the River Rhône, the shadow of Mont Ventoux, the majesty of the castle (the Popes’ summer residence) that crowns the age-old village, the presence nearby of the Papal Palace in Avignon, the generosity of the Provençal earth, the symphony of our seven varieties, the warmth slowly diffused by the pebbles on languid summer nights, and the purple and golden hues of the weighty bunches, nourished by the last rays of September sun.

All of these sensations will move you and provide the keys to our kingdom – promising a pleasure made for sharing.