Book: Calissanne

 Château Calissanne anecdotes, interspersed with the grand sweep of its history. 

There is a very handsome book about Calissanne for gifting to lovers of Provence and art de vivre, which retraces the history of this singular domaine.
Step into the nature and riches of a family estate covering more than 1,200 hectares of Provence.

At Calissanne, one’s first emotion is kindled by the intensity of the estate’s wild nature: a vast expanse of garrigue home to kermes oak and gorse. To the north, cliffs dominate; to the south, the shore of the Etang de Berre lagoon. Between this magical and typically Provençal horizons stands a well-tended farm with more than a thousand hectares in the sunshine!
The book recounts the story of the estate; of the craftsmen who conquered it; of its business activities; and of the owners who helped to unify it. The Roman-era Oppidum; the land reclaimed from the saline wetlands and local ambitions; a “river”, from its resurgence to its mouth, both on the same estate; an architectural heritage; an environmental balance…

By Jacques Mazel – Photos: Pierre Soissons.

Published by: Editions Quelque Part sur Terre. 
160 pages. 300x235mm – Hardback. 
Price: €29