Château Calissanne Cocorico Collection  

Blue, White, Red limited-edition collection 

In homage to the French terroirs, Château Calissanne proudly unveils its Château Calissanne Cocorico collection – just as France prepares to dazzle on the global stage this summer as host to the 2024 Olympic Games.

Château Calissanne Cocorico Collection

Embodying the estate’s very essence

The Château Calissanne Cocorico collection takes its name from the same product marketed over a century ago by the Etablissements Verminck company, which was run by Charles-Auguste Verminck, the former owner of Château Calissanne.
This range includes Château Calissanne’s iconic products that have contributed to its reputation.
It includes three types of oil (fruité vert, fruité vert intense and olives maturées) as well as a rosé, the quintessential Provence wine.

The Matured Olive flavor was awarded the gold medal at the 2024 General Agricultural Competition at the 2024 International Agricultural Show.



The liquid gold from Calissanne

Nestling amidst the picturesque beauty of Provence at the foot of the Lançon-Provence hills, facing l’Estaque, 80 hectares of AOP Aix-en-Provence and Provence olive groves reflect the richness and diversity of Calissanne’s olive cultivars.


 Château Calissanne Cocorico Collection

The “fruité vert”, a harmonious blend of Salonenque and Aglandau, offers a symphony of freshness and vitality, embodying the sun-kissed olive orchards ador ning the north-eastern expanse of the estate. Produced from the first cold pressing, this oil captivates with its invigorating freshness and hints of chlorophyll.
Pairing suggestions: mixed salads, vegetables, pasta…

The “fruité vert intense”, blending Aglandau, Salonenque and Picholine, reveals vegetal aromas whose mentholated and herbaceous notes distinguish it from its counterpart, the “fruité vert”.
Pairing suggestions: grilled vegetables, fish, cheese…

The “olives maturées” is a quintessentially Provençal variety of matured olive oil.
Crafted from same Aglandau and Salonenque olives that grace the “fruité vert” these olives arrive at the mill green. However, rather than undergoing immediate pressing within 24 hours, they are stored away from light and air for 4 to 5 days at 30°C, a process that tempers the natural ardour of the fruit.
This oil is characterised by the rounded flavours of black olives and black tapenade. Subtle hints of undergrowth, truffles and candied fruit are discernible on the nose, with occasional whispers of cocoa lingering in the mouth.
Pairing suggestions: burrata, focaccia, mashed potatoes, chocolate mousse…


 Château Calissanne Cocorico Collection

An inspiration “so quintessentially French” & “so Calissanne”

The limited-edition Château Calissanne Cocorico series, with its bespoke design in the colours of the French flag, symbolises the unique identity of the Calissanne region. This original design was handcrafted in collaboration with a local artist.

Discover the famous “Red Rock” that dominates the estate, illuminated by the sun of Provence; the Villa Bellevue, a grand reception venue overlooking the Etang de Berre; the olive trees; the Mediterranean vegetation; the Durançole spring that nurtures the estate’s orchards and vineyards; the Labradors and, of course, the Château itself.
Find out more about biodiversity at Château Calissanne.

The bottle labels are crafted in blue, white and red designs with monochrome shades for the cans.

Original Design
Available on labels and cotton scarves.

Olive trees, vines, cypresses, thyme, flowers and the Durançole spring highlight the flora of the estate.

Château Calissanne
17th century

Villa Bellevue
19th century
A destination for wine tourism

Pays homage to the dogs belonging to Sophie Kessler-Matière

Red Rock
Iconic feature of the Château Calissanne estate

Château Calissanne Cocorico Collection

Our Rosé cuvée

The Château Calissanne Cocorico collection also offers a rosé variant, featuring the “Château Calissanne” cuvée adorned with a limited-edition label.

With its captivating pink grapefruit hue, this rosé cuvée is crafted from a harmonious blend of 50% Grenache, 40% Syrah and 10% Mourvèdre. Noteworthy for its refreshing character, it delights the palate with luscious notes of fresh fruit, complemented by a vibrant bouquet featuring citrusy hints of kumquat and red fruits.

This rosé pairs seamlessly with dishes prepared with Château Calissanne’s Cocorico oils, such as a tomato-mozzarella salad, carpaccio or fish à la plancha.


Collection Cocorico Château Calissanne

The cock crows at Château Calissanne

The name of our new range was inspired by the label of a product marketed in the 19th century by the Établissements Verminck company. Verminck, whose name was once synonymous with soap and oil production in Marseille, was also a former custodian of the Calissanne estate.

Today, comprising three olive oils and a rosé cuvée, the Château Calissanne Cocorico collection is produced in perfect harmony with the Château’s commitment to excellence and tradition, inviting both seasoned connoisseurs and curious novices alike to discover and celebrate the best of France through its unique flavours.

Château Calissanne et vous !

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