Font de Leu – Fruité vert

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At Calissanne we pay great to care to our oils’ balance, blending varieties to obtain a Fruité Vert oil of appealing intensity but not too peppery.


Oil with a fresh herbaceous taste and notes of artichoke and tomato leaves


Origine: Made with fruit from an olive grove in the Chalet Vallon locality, with chalky soil, on the southwest-facing uplands and hillsides. A blend of two varieties of green (unripe)
Variétés: Salonenque 60% - Aglandau 40%

Au moulin

The olives are picked and pressed within 24 hours to avoid any oxidation and retain their natural fruitiness.


This fruity, spicy oil will add a kick to Mediterranean cuisine.

Médailles & Concours

  • Médaille d’Or – Font de Leu – Millésime 2017
    Concours des Huiles Appellation d'Origine - Nyons
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