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Our Olive Oils

Three olive oil cuvées – straight from the estate!

Olive oil

Les Merveilles

AOP Aix-en-Provence – Extra Virgin

A blend of selected Aglandau (50%) and Salonenque (50%) olives grown on the estate’s uplands.

This grove of old trees sustained very little damage in the big freeze of 1956. With this oil, we aim for delicacy and a balance between attractive fruity intensity and a rounded style. It will wow you with its swirl of citrus, floral and lime-blossom notes. A fresh, intense and refined oil. And wonderful on fish…

Olive OIl

Font de Leu

AOP Aix-en-Provence – Extra Virgin – Fruité vert

Made with fruit from an olive grove in the Chalet Vallon locality, with chalky soil, on the southwest-facing uplands and hillsides. A blend of two varieties of green (unripe) olives: Anglandau (40%) and Salonenque (60%). This fruity, spicy oil will add a kick to Mediterranean cuisine.

Olive Oil

Sainte Modeste

AOC Provence – Extra Virgin – Olives maturées

Aglandau and Salonenque olives are harvested when fully ripe in the locality of La Cantine. This oil has characteristic flavours of black olive, truffle and occasionally cocoa, which combine in graceful rounded harmony.