Sainte Modeste – Olives maturées


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An oil that gives off aromas of walnuts, truffle and undergrowth


This oil has characteristic flavours of black olive, truffle and occasionally cocoa, which combine in graceful rounded harmony.


Origine: Aglandau and Salonenque olives are harvested when fully ripe in the locality of La Cantine.
Variétés: Salonenque 70% - Aglandau 30%

Au moulin

The crop is harvested late, and stored in a dark, airtight location for 4-5 days at 30°C. Fermentation tempers the fruit’s natural pepperiness, and develops its typical notes of matured mellowness.


This fruity, spicy oil will add a kick to Mediterranean cuisine.

Médailles & Concours

  • Médaille d’Argent – Sainte Modeste – Millésime 2017
    Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2018