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The Fabulous Tales Of Calissanne

..short stories illustrated by Chloé Kast

The Calissanne estate’s great diversity of landscapes prompted us to imagine a dream world where anything can happen between humans, fauna and flora.

Words and pictures by Chloé Kast, a young and talented illustrator
Bilingual (French/English) edition.


Calisson de Calissanne

This winged horse, painted in the 17th century on the walls of the Château’s grand hall, is the protector of the vast Calissanne estate..


Rocher Rouge

The rabbits – God’s messengers and bringers of good news – tend to the plot of Mourvèdre vines at the foot of the famous “Red Rock”, which is guarded by a Bonelli’s eagle. This year’s crop will be a good one!


Les Terres de Provence

Our Provence, a land of festivals, where garrigue scents rule, plays host for the summer to a cicada, Belle Cigale. Watched by our friends, Tobby and Nouba, this star bewitches us in her green glade.


Château Calissanne

Some wines are just irresistibly seductive, and need to be discovered and introduced to the world!
Watched by the startled forest huntresses, our three companions – Pouf, Tobby and Nouba – take a shine to the wines…


Château Calissanne

Pouf, Tobby and Nouba organise a big party at the Château! It’s time to chill the rosé and white wines in the fountain, and to sunbathe under plane trees more than a hundred years old…



In the land of the Popes, our “Key of St Thomas” opens our hearts and whisks us back in time! This charming travel tale has engrossed our friend the fox, and maybe his precious cuvées have been stolen…


Les Huiles d’Olives

It’s time for Les Olivades – a one-of-a-kind festival where our lovely olives are carried to the mill quickly but carefully, so as not to lose any of their fruity flavours!


Pierre Troupel

Poof! Tobby and Nouba, who love a laugh, have fun with Grandfather Troupel’s cane and cap. There is a glint in his blue eyes as he recalls his passion for this cuvée!


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