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Coteaux d’aix-en-provence

Rocher Rouge

Rocher Rouge is Château Calissanne’s flagship cuvée, crafted from Mourvèdre and Syrah. Seductively elegant and concentrated, it serves up hallmark notes of cedar, incense and garrigue scrubland.

A wine of great character.


Coteaux d’aix-en-provence

Clos Victoire

Clos Victoire is the Château’s benchmark cuvée among our upscale wines.
Historically rooted in hillside soils, and crafted with the fruit of 40-year-old vines.
Savour the depth and mercurial elegance of the red Clos…
and if you are seeking a fine-dining rosé, look no further!
The barrique-aged white, for mealtime drinking, offers exceptional richness…



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Coteaux d’aix-en-provence

Calisson de Calissanne

This pale Provence rosé is a lip-smacking charmer.
You’ll be swayed by its fresh, dense style, with floral notes that evolve towards more complex hints of tea and lemon verbena…

An exclusive rosé!


Côteaux d’aix en provence


Epidaure, a very pleasant red wine…

An attractive deep ruby colour, with a nose of roasted notes elegantly combined with scents of wild fruits and musk. On the palate, the wine is fleshy and seriously elegant, with a consensual woody undertone that is very well balanced and integrated.


Côteaux d’aix en provence

Château Calissanne

Château Calissanne is a quintessential terroir-driven wine. This cuvée exudes Mediterranean aromas:

– garrigue and wild red berry fruits in the red.

– southern French fruits in the white

– and the rosé is a very Mediterranean blend.

Typicity and mouth-watering lushness combined!


Côteaux d’aix en provence

Les Terres de Provence

Les Terres de Provence se décline dans les 3 couleurs. Une cuvée à l’image de notre belle Provence : soleil généreux, calanques étincelantes plongeant dans la mer, retrouvailles à l’ombre d’un pin parasol…


Châteauneuf du Pape

Clef de Saint Thomas

Clef de St Thomas : the red is a crisply charming Châteauneuf-du-Pape from selected old vines…
And our white offers attractive aromatic complexity and mineral texture.
A rare wine, definitely worth discovering…



Pierre Troupel

Pierre Troupel, the estate’s second wine, vinified in red and white versions with grapes from young vines, is best served in its youth.
The red has charming raspberry and redcurrant notes, with a smooth full-bodied mouthfeel.
The white boasts a creamy nose with white-peach aromas. On the palate, an appealingly fresh and vivacious style. This is a powerful wine with a strong mineral underlay…


Our Olive Oils

Three olive oil cuvées – straight from the estate!

Olive oil

Les Merveilles

AOP Aix-en-Provence – Extra Virgin

A blend of selected Aglandau (50%) and Salonenque (50%) olives grown on the estate’s uplands.

This grove of old trees sustained very little damage in the big freeze of 1956. With this oil, we aim for delicacy and a balance between attractive fruity intensity and a rounded style. It will wow you with its swirl of citrus, floral and lime-blossom notes. A fresh, intense and refined oil. And wonderful on fish…

Olive OIl

Font de Leu

AOP Aix-en-Provence – Extra Virgin – Fruité vert

Made with fruit from an olive grove in the Chalet Vallon locality, with chalky soil, on the southwest-facing uplands and hillsides. A blend of two varieties of green (unripe) olives: Anglandau (40%) and Salonenque (60%). This fruity, spicy oil will add a kick to Mediterranean cuisine.

Olive Oil

Sainte Modeste

AOC Provence – Extra Virgin – Olives maturées

Aglandau and Salonenque olives are harvested when fully ripe in the locality of La Cantine. This oil has characteristic flavours of black olive, truffle and occasionally cocoa, which combine in graceful rounded harmony.

Huile d’olive

Les Terres de Provence

AOP Provence — Fruité vert intense, vierge extra

L’oliveraie Chemin Blanc, située sur un terroir calcaire orienté sud, est co-plantée
des variétés Aglandau, Salonenque et Picholine.
Cette huile relèvera la cuisine méditerranéenne.


Les savons de Château Calissanne

Nous vous proposons un trio de savons de Marseille (de 100g ou de 280g), aux parfums nature, verveine citronnée et amande, que vous retrouverez au coeur de jolis étuis aux couleurs de Calissanne et de notre belle nature provençale.